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Brooklyn Chair Loose Cover, White / Omega Graphite 51

Brooklyn Chair Loose Cover, White / Omega Graphite 51

DKK 3 935
An elegant chair with removable upholstery and very comfortable sitting comfort.
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Brooklyn Chair Loose Cover, Omega Graphite 51

DKK 3 935

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Brooklyn chair loose upholstery by Englesson is an elegant chair with a modern expression and high quality.
The upholstered chair gives a cozy impression and the upholstery is removable so it can be easily removed and dry cleaned. The painted chairs have a frame of book and the others in oak. The seat of the chair is constructed with nozag spring which makes it extra comfortable for a long dinner. Not only does it fit as a dining room chair, it also looks nice as a desk chair or in a bedroom.
The chair is available in five designs on the frame and in three different fabrics. Fits nicely to the Edge dining table in the same series.
Englesson has been manufacturing furniture by hand since 1964 and is known for its high quality.

Good to know:
  • The wood is FCS certified
  • Water-based and environmentally friendly paint
  • Wipe off with a damp cloth with mild detergent (not something with ammonia)
  • Wipe dry with a cloth
  • Try to keep the furniture in as even temperature as possible to avoid cracking


  • Artikelnummer
  • Lev. artikelnummer
  • Varemærke
  • Fragtklasse
  • Farve
  • Leveres monteret
  • Materiale
  • Other materials
    Bøg, Nozag fjeder, Polyether
  • Upholstered
  • Bredde
    56 cm
  • Dybde
    59 cm
  • Højde
    83 cm
Om varemærket
Englesson er en svensk familievirksomhed der har eksisteret i mere end 50 år. Det begyndte da Staffan Englesson fremstillede et bord til sin hustru Marilene. Bordet fik megen opmærksomhed og Staffan fortsatte med at fremstille bordet i sin garage. Det varede ikke længe inden fremstillingen blev udviddet og sammen med sin hustrus store interesse for indretning, har Staffan og Marilene skabt det som Englesson i dag er kendt for. Gedigne, klassiske og kvalitetsfyldte træ og polstrede møbler i godt design.